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Interview with Professional PickleBall Player Megan Charity

Mon, Sep 26, 2022
Are you looking to get active with PickleBall? Read along with us as Professional PickleBall player, Megan Charity talks in depth about training advice, dieting and her life outside of PickleBall. Can you guess what her favorite Volley Tequila Seltzer flavor is?

A Seltzer With Global Ingredients!

Wed, Aug 17, 2022

Each can of Volley has just three simple ingredients; organic juice, sparkling water and 100% blue agave tequila… but we already knew that! What you may not know is where...

What are “natural flavors” ???

Wed, Aug 10, 2022

From beverages to ice cream, to food packaging I’m sure you've seen ‘natural flavors’ listed somewhere on the packaging and assumed the best. Or maybe you thought nothing of it...

Happy Earth Day From Volley!

Wed, Apr 27, 2022

Earth Day is very important to us here at Volley. As you may know, we have a partnership with Leave No Trace: Center for Outdoor Ethics and we work to...

Volley X Affordable Art Fair Giveaway

Tue, Sep 14, 2021

We’ve got 4 VIP tickets to one of New York’s most anticipated art events of the year, and they could be yours!This is your chance to win an all access...

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