Our Story

I used to love craft cocktails.

That's why I started a premium mixer business. Over the years, we got pretty good at mixing delicious drinks. But you know what else happens over the years? Hangovers get worse. I needed to move away from sugar in my diet.

I'm Chris
I'm Chris

My wife Camila loves tequila!

She's been drinking tequila sodas with a splash of lime or grapefruit juice for a while now. She enjoys the fresh, clean taste and swears by the difference in how she feels the next day. So I gave it a shot.

This is Camila
This is Camila

I was hooked.

Tequila sodas became my go-to drink. I got so fascinated by tequila that I became certified by the Mexican government's CRT to learn the manufacturing process.

Wait. What is actually in these spiked seltzers?

My tequila transformation happened around the same time Camila and I started asking ourselves what was actually in the spiked seltzers everyone was drinking all of a sudden. Few of them even list ingredients and nutritional facts. What are they using as the spirit? What are "natural flavors"? How much artificial sugar is in these things?

When we couldn't find good answers,
we created Volley.

When you drink Volley, you're declaring yourself a believer in "good, clean fun." If you like to know what you're putting in your body, Volley's for you. Only want the best ingredients? Volley's for you. While we're at it, we're partnering with Leave No Trace to clean up our local environments—making sure we'll always have a beautiful place to enjoy a Volley.

We're transforming spiked seltzer. We want you to join us.