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Nutritionists and dietitians are getting behind Volley Tequila Seltzer

Wed, Jan 18, 2023

We are excited to announce the appointment of Sarah Grace Meckelberg as Volley’s Lead Dietitian and Liana Werner-Gray as Volley’s Lead Nutritionist. Through this partnership, Volley will raise awareness around the clean drinking movement by promoting more mindful consumption habits.

At the core of the clean drinking movement are two concerning facts:

  1. You do not currently need to list ingredients on alcoholic products. Meanwhile, you do have to on any other form of food or beverage.
  2. The 4th most common ingredient on food labels is ‘natural flavors’, each of which can have over 100 ingredients in them. (source:

Volley is committed to offering high-quality, transparent alternatives to traditional alcoholic beverage offerings. While drinking alcohol is never a healthy activity, Volley advocates for consumers to be able to know what they are putting in their body so they can make informed decisions.

The nutritionists and dietitians involved in this partnership are excited to share their expertise and help educate consumers about the importance of reading labels and living a balanced lifestyle. Sarah Grace Mecklberg is a registered dietitian with an MS in exercise physiology & nutrition who focuses on helping women balance their hormones naturally through diet and lifestyle changes.  “I encourage women inside of Hormone Healing Academy to focus on balance in order to make their health journey realistic long term - progress not perfection is our goal. When coming across Volley, I loved that they had no hidden ingredients, just tequila, organic juice and water. Their commitment to transparency & real ingredients, in an industry that doesn’t mandate it, allows women I work with (and myself!), to have some fun while not consuming so many unknown ingredients. It doesn’t have to be health OR fun, it can be both”, says Sarah Grace Meckelberg. Liana Werner-Gray, a nutritionist, cancer survivor, and best selling author of ‘Cancer Free with Food’ and ‘The Earth Diet says “For me, reading labels and knowing what we are consuming is so important so when I saw Volley come out in 2020 I was excited to see a brand talking about ingredients so openly and de-mystifying ‘natural flavors.’ Normally this is something you would never see from an alcohol company, but the truth is that transparency is important in all the things we consume.” Together they will be creating educational content and resources to promote the clean drinking movement.

The brand is based in Charleston, SC and is currently available in 10 states as well as nationwide shipping from its website. The products have caught fire within Whole Foods having started in a few local stores in Florida and expanded to several states and becoming part of the core set. According to Nielsens data showing L12M data ending September 1 2022, Volley was the second best selling SKU and brand only behind industry leader High Noon and ahead of more funded and distributed competitors. The brand recently launched in Costco California for a trial period. To try the products online, use code THESERVE15 to take 15% off your order.


Nielsens trailing 12 month sales report


We believe that this partnership is an exciting opportunity to promote ingredient transparency within the alcohol industry, and we are thrilled to be working with such talented and dedicated professionals.

Sarah Grace Meckelberg is a renowned media dietitian, licensed nutritionist, speaker, online social media influencer and founder of Fresh Fit n Healthy. With a Bachelors in Human Nutrition, a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and her experience after working with hundreds of women worldwide, she has a passion for living out a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and helps others do the same. Sarah Grace now specializes in empowering women to learn how to utilize sustainable, realistic nutrition to support healthy hormones and feel their best, so that they can be their best in the areas that matter most to them. She does this through both her free online content, her online courses, and her all-inclusive program, Hormone Healing Academy. With over 10 years of experience in the nutrition industry and over 700,000 followers worldwide combined, she has dedicated her career to helping women say goodbye to the fad diets and imbalanced hormones holding them back in life from feeling their best, and create a truly healthy, balanced lifestyle while supporting healthy hormone levels. Sarah Grace is also the host of the top-rated Real SOULutions Podcast within the health space, where she talks through hormone health & real life barriers standing in the way of our healthiest, happiest self.

Liana Werner-Gray is a certified nutritionist, natural food chef and four-time Best-selling author of The Earth Diet, Cancer-Free with Food which is in the top 100 cancer books of all time (foreword by Mark Hyman, MD.), and 10-Minute Recipes (publisher Hay House, Random House/Penguin) and most recently Anxiety-Free with Food which ranked as the #1 best seller on amazon for Neuropsychology. Liana is the founder of Liana’s Organics which launched a supplement for anxiety. 

For more information about Volley and our partnership with nutritionists and dietitians, please contact Maggie Wilcox at