Frequently Asked Questions

What are natural flavors?

Shockingly they are the 4th most common ingredient in our food and beverage labels yet we know so little about them (only behind water, sugar, and salt). They are made by billion dollar labs that have mastered the craft of recreating flavors by combining and synthesizing up to 100 ingredients per ‘natural flavor’. They are not required to disclose the ingredients or how many go into each flavor. We like to know what we’re putting in our products. So for us, the taste of real, organic fruit juice is perfecto.

What is the difference between 100% blue agave tequila vs mixto tequila?

100% agave tequila is made from pure agave and nothing else. Mixto, on the other hand, is only 51% agave and contains up to 49% non-agave ingredients. These usually consist of sugar cane or other distillable products, but can also include additives such as flavorings and colorings. What makes things worse is that mixto producers are not required to tell you what they use. So you’re never going to know, completely, what’s in your bottle. If you’re the sort of person who likes to know what they’re drinking, always choose 100% agave.

What is the difference between highland and lowland tequila?

We use agave from the highlands, which tends to grow larger and mature more slowly thereby producing sweeter, fruitier tequila. Lowlands agave is usually drier, rounder and has more earthy, vegetal and woody flavors.

What is the difference with organic and conventional juice?

Certified organic means that products are free of synthetic additives like pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and dyes, and must not be processed using industrial solvents, irradiation, or genetic engineering, according to the USDA. Also, seeds and transplants must be chemical free and fertilizers must be natural. There is a bit of controversy about whether or not organic products are actually “healthier” for you despite many studies showing that fruit and vegetable products grown organically contain a significantly higher percentage of nutrients such as vitamin c, antioxidants, zinc, and iron. Regardless, one fact that nobody seems to dispute is that choosing organic products lowers your exposure to toxic pesticides and chemicals, which have been linked to various types of disease and illness. Organic products are often more expensive than conventional ones because organic farming is much more labor intensive, due to the lack of pesticides.

Why do I need to flip Volley before enjoying?

We’re glad you asked! Since we only use organic juice (instead of ‘natural flavors’ or ‘natural essence’), the juices in each Volley has a tendency to settle. A simple 3-4 flips of the can will mix our 3 ingredients up for the ideal Volley experience.

What are most spiked seltzers made of?

Most spiked seltzers are made of fermented cane sugar. They are malt beverages so they are technically beers dressed up as seltzers. They are cheaper to make due to their ingredients which makes their price point lower than ours.

Where is the product made?

Our Tequila Sodas are made in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Where are the products available?

You can purchase Volley online or head on over to our Store Locator to see if we’re in a retailer near you!

How have you partnered with Leave No Trace?

Camila: When we were developing the brand we knew we wanted to make it about more than a product. It’s about having fun and transparency, but it’s also about doing each of our part in leaving the outdoors better than we found them. A few years ago I started an anonymous instagram account calling out all the trash around NYC and tagging city officials to do something about it. That didn’t go very far (haha), but I realized we can make a real difference through Volley. Aside from direct donations to Leave No Trace, we fund and organize clean ups of public spaces in areas that could use some help. Sign up for our newsletters to get the insider scoop on our next clean up! To learn more about LNT visit their site here


Volley's standard is to remain compliant within all state and federal liquor laws, therefore your order is processed and fulfilled by a licensed liquor retailer. The retailer will decide whether to accept a return/issue a refund. Generally, refunds will only be issued for severe damage to product. Please contact us directly at and we will work with the retailer directly to discuss any issues that you may have encountered.

Is Volley hiring?

We are always looking for talent. If you’d be interested in working at Volley, please fill out this form and we will be in contact if/when your experience fits a position that is currently open.