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Meet our Head Dietitian, Sarah Grace Meckelberg!

Wed, Jan 18, 2023

Join us in welcoming Sarah Grace Meckelberg to the Volley family as she takes on a role as our Head Dietitian!

We feel so lucky to have Sarah Grace on our team as our Head Dietitian. She is a renowned media dietitian, licensed nutritionist, speaker, online social media influencer and founder of Fresh Fit n Healthy.

With a Bachelors in Human Nutrition, a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and her experience after working with hundreds of women worldwide, she has a passion for living out a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and helps others do the same. Sarah Grace now specializes in empowering women to learn how to utilize sustainable, realistic nutrition to support healthy hormones and feel their best, so that they can be their best in the areas that matter most to them. She does this through both her free online content, her online courses, and her all-inclusive program, Hormone Healing Academy.

With over 10 years of experience in the nutrition industry and over 700,000 followers worldwide combined, she has dedicated her career to helping women say goodbye to the fad diets and imbalanced hormones holding them back in life from feeling their best, and create a truly healthy, balanced lifestyle while supporting healthy hormone levels. Sarah Grace is also the host of the top-rated Real SOULutions Podcast within the health space, where she talks through hormone health & real life barriers standing in the way of our healthiest, happiest self.

Not to mention, she is a mother to her 10 month old baby boy Brady, and her Golden Retriever Elsa. She is also a wife to her partner Brandon Meckelberg, who is a Disney-loving, singing Dentist!! Sarah Grace loves spending her mornings in the sun, walking on the beach and her favorite Volley flavor is Tropical Mango. She believes that no one should have to choose between fun or health when you can do both, and do it sustainably! She has put her stamp of approval on Volley and will be helping us in pioneering the clean drinking movement. Don't be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself! 

Podcast: Real SOULutions Podcast
Instagram: @sarahgracemeck 
Tik Tok: @sarahgracemeck