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Michigan Native Brittanie Battagin Joins the Clean Drinking Movement!

Mon, Jun 12, 2023

HI! I'm Brittanie, an always smiling soul born & still living in Michigan. For over a decade, I have shared my life with my loving and supportive boyfriend (the ring...

Transparency and Quality: Volley Tequila Seltzer's Approved Brands

Mon, Jun 05, 2023

In a world where health-conscious consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what goes into their food and beverages, transparency and quality have become essential factors when choosing products. We, Volley...

What is Additive Free Tequila and How is it Different from the Rest?

Thu, Jun 01, 2023

Tequila, a spirit originating from the agave plant, carries a rich cultural heritage and is celebrated worldwide. While tequila aficionados appreciate its distinct flavors and vibrant character, not all tequilas...

How to "Break the Cycle" with Carly Curtis!

Fri, May 19, 2023

Hey there! I'm Carly and I'm a registered yoga teacher at VYB studio along with being a busy homeschooling mom. Currently, we live in Durham, North Carolina but have lived...

Exercise in a Way That Excites YOU with Elyse Valdes of Fitventures!

Tue, May 02, 2023
Learn how to practice self-care and exercise in a way that excites you. Elyse Valdes of Miami, Florida has been pursuing her passion as a full-time fitness trainer and entrepreneur by founding her own business, Fitventures. Learn more tips and tricks now!