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Flipping the Can - What's the deal?

Thu, Dec 08, 2022

It may seem like something completely new to you - why would I ever shake a canned carbonated beverage?  Here's the 411.

First off, it ideally is not a shake.  It's a gentile 2-3 flips back and forth. 

Secondly, here's why you do it.  Remember back in middle school science when the idea of density was introduced? 

Density = mass ÷ volume

😵‍💫 We hardly do either, so here's a quick recap for you. All liquids have a different mass of molecules or different numbers of parts squashed into the same volume of liquid, this makes them have different densities and therefore one can sit on top of the other – the more dense a liquid is the heavier it is.

Juice is more dense than water (think: fresh orange juice - pulp settles to the bottom and water rises so you need to shake it up), which is more dense than tequila. If Volley is not flipped, you will get a nice juicy shot of tequila (hey, is that such a bad thing?) before tasing any of our delicious organic juices.  This is why we recommend to mix up the ingredients by flipping the can for the ideal tasting experience. 

You may be asking - why don't I have to do this with any other seltzers on the market, even if they claim to use "real juice"?  Great question!  While we don't know what the exact recipes are for those products, we do know that they use natural flavors (read more about that here) as the majority of their flavoring and may use a drop of juice concentrate to make their claim "true".  Natural flavors have emulsifier agents in them, which allows you to get the full flavor without mixing the product.  They even allow for oil and water to mix - wowza that's some powerful chemicals right there! 

We like to think that there's a ritual behind the flip. A few seconds of calm, a few seconds more of salivating before cracking open bubbly deliciousness.  

Tag us @drinkvolley and let us know how you flip the can.  We know there are creative minds out there - we're envisioning a BMX dirt jump while catching Volley in the air and landing just before cracking it open, and we want to see it!