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Volley's Mission

Tue, Dec 06, 2022

Build the cleanest products and work to leave the outdoors in better shape than we found them.
-Volley mission statement

The idea for Volley was born out of frustration.  We are that balanced consumer, looking to indulge in the cleanest way possible, but found that every product on the shelf was lying to the consumer.  Real spirit, real juice, they said.  We have yet to find that real juice and only see products filled with mysterious ‘natural flavors’. Having been in the beverage industry for several years we decided to make a change.  

Team Volley is on a mission to bring clean beverage options to everyone - to help educate the consumer on options out there.  We are all about transparency.  That's why the 3 simple ingredients we use are deliberate and have a story behind each of them.  

We use frozen organic single strength (not from concentrate) juice. This is equivalent to squeezing a lime in your kitchen and immediately freezing the juice.  We stay very far from natural flavors or juice concentrates.  While the term ‘natural flavor’ sounds so innocent, you can have up to 100 ingredients in a ‘natural flavor.’  Those ingredients can include sugar (yes, in those products that claim “no added sugar” there can be sugar hidden in the natural flavors they use!!!) or castoreum (goo excreted from the behind of a beaver) and none of the ingredients in that ‘natural flavor’ need to be related to the flavor they are trying to replicate.  It is shocking.  Additionally, have you wondered why most ‘naturally flavored’ beverages out there are clear and perfectly homogenous?  If they claim to have “real juice” in them, where is the color and why don’t I have to shake it up like I do an orange juice?  Last I checked, real mango juice was yellow.  Volley’s can needs to be flipped before cracking open to mix the flavors and it proudly has beautiful colors when poured over ice, each batch being a slightly different color.  After all, real fruit is perfectly imperfect.

We highly recommend taking a moment to watch this 60 Minutes segment on Natural Flavors to get a better idea of what we’re talking about.

Our other 2 ingredients are carbonated purified water, aka sparking water and premium blanco tequila.  Tequila is having its moment, but not all tequila is created equally!  We take pride in the tequila we have chosen and look to provide the best quality product at the best possible price.  

Volley took cleanliness to the next level with our beautiful foil lids.  Did you know that there are hundreds of bacteria that grow on cans?  Many hands touch the top of cans from production to your refrigerator and we were not ok with that!  So we came up with a fun solution to keep that can clean from the moment it is filled in a sanitary environment.

We truly believe that as a family-owned beverage company, we are part of the movement in bringing cleaner products to everyone and to educate the consumer.  We are the cleanest can from the inside out (check out our cool foil topper!) and are working tirelessly to build that trust in the consumer because we are on their side. Volley is a proud partner of Leave No Trace and we host clean ups of public spaces so we can do our part in leaving our environment clean.  It is important to give back to communities that give us so much.  Check out our event schedule here and we hope to see you at one of our events!

We hope you enjoy Volley as much as we do and join us in pioneering the clean drinking movement. 

Cheers & with love,

Chris & Camila