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‘Natural flavors’ are the food industry's dirty little secret. Shockingly they are the 4th most common ingredient in our food and beverage labels yet we know so little about them (only behind water, sugar and salt). They are made by billion dollar labs that have mastered the craft of creating flavors by combining and synthesizing up to 100 ingredients per 'natural flavor'. We like to know what we're putting in our products. So for us, the taste of real, organic fruit juice is perfecto.


We use 100% blue agave tequila from the highlands of Jalisco, avoiding the harmful additives of “mixto” tequila and other malt liquors.

No natural essences, flavors, or concentrates. Just real organic juice and 0 added sugar.

100% blue agave tequila
mixto tequila

100% agave tequila is pure agave and nothing else. Mixto, on the other hand, contains up to 49% non-agave ingredients. These usually consist of sugar cane or other distillable products, but can also include additives such as flavorings and colorings. What makes things worse is that mixto producers are not required to tell you what they use. So you’re never going to know, completely, what’s in your bottle. If you’re the sort of person who likes to know what they’re drinking, always choose 100% agave.

Highland Not lowland tequila

Agave from the highlands tends to grow larger and mature more slowly thereby producing sweeter, fruitier tequila. Lowlands agave is usually drier, rounder and has more earthy, vegetal and woody flavors.