Meet The Pros

A community of individuals passionate about pioneering the Cleaning Drinking Movement with us

Meet Sarah Grace Meckelberg, Head Dietitian at Volley. Sarah Grace is a registered dietitian, licensed nutritionist, speaker, social media influencer and founder of Fresh Fit n Healthy. With a Bachelors in Human Nutrition, a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and experience in working with hundreds of women worldwide, she loves showing others how to use diet and lifestyle changes to balance their hormones and support their overall health - so that they can FEEL their very best again. But SG is all about the 85/15 life - 85% you’ll find her eating nutrient dense foods and living out a more holistic lifestyle, 15% you’ll see her enjoying her favorites and simply living life :) You can find Sarah Grace at and @sarahgracemeck.


Meet Liana Werner-Gray, Lead Nutritionist at Volley. Liana is a best-sellling author and nutritionist from Australia. She grew up in the Outback, which influences a lot of her beliefs and practices today. While studying film & television, her health hit rock bottom. Liana ended up in the hospital with a lump bulging out of her neck. Through wholesome eating the tumor shrank and here her passion for health began. In 2010 she moved to the USA and made it her mission to help people with their health. Liana is based in NYC and hopes to bump into you at a healthy food place! Otherwise, you can find her at and @lianawernergray and @theearthdiet.