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What's Up With Natural Flavors?

Christopher Wirth @ Sat, Nov 14, 2020

Unless you've been living under a rock, we know that you've seen 'natural flavors' on an ingredient label at least once in your life. The term 'natural' means it's fine, right? 


Shockingly 'natural flavors' (and alternatively, 'natural essences') are the 4th most common ingredient in our food and beverage labels (only behind water, sugar and salt), yet we know so little about them. 

These 'natural flavors' are made by billion-dollar labs that have mastered the craft of recreating flavors by combining and synthesizing up to 100 ingredients per ‘natural flavor’. These labs are not required to disclose the ingredients or how many go into each flavor.

On the flip-side, we like to know what we’re putting in our products. So for us, the taste of real, organic fruit juice is perfecto...and we'd accept nothing but the best.