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Transparency Matters: Why Alcoholic Brands Aren't Obligated to Share Vital Nutritional Information

Fri, Jun 30, 2023

In the realm of alcoholic beverages, transparency has historically been an elusive concept. Unlike other consumable goods that have seen a trend in providing detailed nutritional information, alcoholic brands have long avoided disclosing vital facts about their products. In a world filled with countless beverage options, it's crucial for consumers to take charge of their health and demand greater transparency from the brands they choose to support! 

So... What is so special about alcohol and why are its regulations so loosey-goosey? 


1. Historical Exemptions and Loopholes


One of the primary reasons why alcoholic brands are not mandated to provide detailed nutritional information is rooted in historical exemptions and regulatory loopholes. For decades, alcohol has been treated differently from other food and beverage products due to its cultural and societal significance. As a result, specific labeling requirements that apply to food items don't extend fully to alcoholic beverages.


2. Industry Lobbying Power

The alcohol industry has significant lobbying power, influencing regulations and policies. Manufacturers and producers have historically resisted stricter labeling requirements, arguing that providing comprehensive nutritional information could be burdensome and negatively impact sales. 


3. Lack of Consumer Demand

While consumers increasingly seek transparency in food and beverage products, the demand for nutritional information on alcoholic beverages has been relatively muted. The lack of a strong consumer push for labeling transparency has further reduced the urgency for regulatory changes in the industry.


While some brands are taking voluntary steps towards transparency, it remains a significant challenge to establish consistent and comprehensive labeling requirements for alcoholic products.The Clean Drinking Movement is a call to action for consumers to prioritize their health and demand greater transparency from the brands they choose. By knowing what goes into our beverages, we can make informed choices that benefit our well-being and the environment. Volley is leading the way by prioritizing transparency in our mission, but also on our packaging, but we need advocates like you to join us in creating more awareness. As consumers become more health-conscious and demand greater transparency, the landscape may change. Until then, consumers should remain vigilant in making informed choices and seeking transparency from the brands they choose to support. Together, we can pioneer a Clean Drinking Movement that fosters a healthier, more transparent, and responsible beverage industry. Let's raise our glasses to a brighter and cleaner future! Take a look at our packaging to see just how transparent we are below. 


Nothing to hide! Volley only uses three natural ingredients, 100% agave tequila, organic juice, and sparkling water - always simple never basic. 

Because it is possible to create a yummy cocktail in a can, without adding fake sugars and artificial flavoring. Ingredients matter, and it is our mission to pioneer a Clean Drinking Movement. 

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