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Transparency and Quality: Volley Tequila Seltzer's Approved Brands

Mon, Jun 05, 2023

In a world where health-conscious consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what goes into their food and beverages, transparency and quality have become essential factors when choosing products. We, Volley Tequila Seltzer, take pride in our dedication to providing the best quality products, understanding the importance of offering beverages that are not only refreshing but also made with integrity. We're looking to build consumers trust and are a resource for other transparent brands.  Here we'll explore a list of our favorite brands that share a commitment to transparency, eschewing natural flavors, and delivering exceptional quality to their customers.  You can call them, Volley approved!

  1. Larabar: As a brand that resonates with Volley's dedication to wholesome ingredients, Larabar creates delicious bars using fruits, nuts, and spices. Larabar does not rely on natural flavors, ensuring that their products offer genuine flavors and nutritional benefits.

  2. Bob's Red Mill: Bob's Red Mill is a brand that believes in the power of whole grains. Their rolled oats are a popular choice for a nutritious breakfast, made without the addition of natural flavors. Team Volley appreciates their commitment to providing customers with a straightforward and transparent product.

  3. Simple Mills: Volley recognizes Simple Mills for their dedication to using real, simple ingredients. Their almond flour crackers are crafted with almond flour, seeds, and herbs, without any natural flavors. Simple Mills offers a truly transparent and flavorful snacking option.

  4. Jackson's Honest Potato Chips: Volley appreciates Jackson's Honest for their commitment to using organic coconut oil and simple seasonings like sea salt or organic spices in their potato chips. These chips do not rely on natural flavors, ensuring a genuine and clean snacking experience.

  5. Nuttzo Nut Butter: Nuttzo's nut and seed butters are a favorite among health-conscious consumers, and Volley approves of their dedication to using pure ingredients. Nuttzo avoids natural flavors, allowing the authentic taste of nuts and seeds to shine through in their products.

  6. GT's Kombucha: GT's Kombucha has long been a respected brand in the kombucha industry. Volley acknowledges their commitment to using organic ingredients and real fruit juices for flavoring, while consciously avoiding natural flavors. GT's Kombucha provides a refreshing and transparent beverage option.

  7. Hu Chocolate: Hu Chocolate is a brand that creates delectable chocolate bars using simple, high-quality ingredients. Volley appreciates their decision to forgo natural flavors, allowing the pure taste of cacao, coconut sugar, and nuts to shine through in their chocolates.

  8. NadaMoo! Dairy-Free Ice Cream: We commend NadaMoo! for their dedication to creating dairy-free ice cream using coconut milk and natural sweeteners like agave syrup. Their commitment to transparency and quality is evident through their avoidance of natural flavors, providing a delightful frozen treat.

In a world where transparency and quality are paramount, we recognize the importance of endorsing brands that align with their values. The above-mentioned brands exemplify transparency and a commitment to avoiding natural flavors, delivering products of exceptional quality to consumers. By choosing these brands, individuals can make conscious choices and enjoy food and beverages that prioritize integrity and genuine flavors. Cheers to transparency and the pursuit of better, healthier options!