The Serve

Presidents Day Party Prep

Mon, Feb 05, 2024

by: Cheryl Caveney

Join me in getting ready for a Presidents' Day celebration that combines fitness, fun, and a refreshing twist on the traditional party cocktail. As a spin instructor, I appreciate a well-rounded, energetic gathering that keeps everyone in high spirits. This year, let's elevate your party prep with the ultimate crowd-pleaser – Volley tequila seltzer!

I’m kicking off the weekend on a healthy note by organizing a pre-celebration spin class with a playlist that will get everyone into party mode. Nothing sets the tone for a lively event like an endorphin boost! Sweat it out and build a collective energy that will carry through the festivities.

Now, onto the main event – the cocktails! Opting for this clean tequila seltzer not only adds a modern twist to the party but also caters to those mindful of living a balanced lifestyle. Tequila, known for its lower calorie content compared to other spirits, pairs seamlessly with the crispness of seltzer, creating a light and bubbly concoction that won't weigh you down. Volley’s refreshing flavor options are great on their own, but also fun to mix with fresh ingredients for some yummy combos.

I’ll be setting up a designated drink station with garnish options like muddled cucumber and strawberries that pair perfectly with Volley’s lime and ginger flavors, and some muddled jalapeño and cilantro that will add a delicious, spicy kick to the mango or grapefruit flavor! This DIY approach adds an interactive element to the party, allowing guests to customize their tequila seltzers to suit their taste preferences. Volley’s clean ingredients don’t include any added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or flavors. Just 100% agave tequila, organic fruit juices, and sparkling water. There’s no need to add anything other than fresh herbs and fruits to compliment them, staying in alignment with the fitness theme of the party!

I’ll be sure to incorporate some patriotic red, white, and blue into the party decor and of course, some festive drink ware. Cheers to having a blast this President’s Day Weekend while staying on track with fitness goals!