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Anything is Possible with Fitness Trainer Morgan Shapiro!

Fri, Jun 16, 2023

1. Where are you from?
I was born in Miami, Florida and now live a bit further north but still in sunny south

2. What are your passions in life?
I am passionate about health and fitness and helping others achieve a better quality of life through health and fitness. I believe it doesn’t have to be as complicated as people make it out to be so I’m passionate about educating others on ways they can live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

3. How did you find yourself in the training industry?
I first fell in love with fitness when I took a weight training class in high school. At first, I started working out to get in shape after I stopped dance classes, but I soon fell in love with it. Fitness has always been about much more than aesthetics for me. I fell in love with the lessons fitness taught me about GRIT, determination, and self-improvement.

4. How do you find your balance between fun and health?
I really enjoy following the 80/20 rule. I eat clean and workout 80% of the time and the other 20% I like to practice balance by going out to eat with friends, having a few drinks, and indulging in some sweet treats.

5. How do you honor/respect your body?
Some ways I like to honor and respect my body is by listening to my intuition and
allowing myself grace and rest when I need it. Sometimes this means going off the plan and taking a rest day when I’m fatigued or stressed, maybe having a slice of cake during the week because I’m really craving it, or just simply making time to nurture my mental health through journaling, meditation, and self-care specific to myself and the moment.

6. What lessons have you learned in the gym?
I’ve learned that anything is possible with determination and GRIT. I am capable of anything I set my mind to as long as I don’t give up. Small progress is progress and it's important to always celebrate your wins.

7. What are your personal or career short-term and long-term goals?
Some of my personal goals are to travel more, improve my 5k run time and learn
Spanish. My short-term career goals are to improve the lives of the clients I have while improving my own fitness and skill set. Long-term I hope to grow my online coaching platform worldwide and expand to different countries and languages so I can help as many people as possible.

8. When you're not training or creating meal plans, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I really enjoy hanging out with my family and friends or craIing. Painting has always been something that brings me a lot of joy and peace.

9. What meal would you pair with which Volley flavor?
I would pair a taco Tuesday with Ginger Volley. These tacos would be mahi tacos with a nice mango salsa which I believe would pair wonderfully with the ginger.

10. What is your favorite Volley flavor?
Ginger. I love all things ginger lol!!

11. Why is it important to consume clean and simple ingredients?
Watching your calories and micronutrients is one thing but watching your ingredients is just as important. The ingredients you put into your body send signals to your body. You can choose to send good messages that help support and fuel your body or the wrong ones that can wreak havoc on your gut and mood.

12. Why have you joined Volley in the Clean Drinking Movement?
I think having a healthier option for alcohol that isn’t just plain ole tequila soda water is so important. As much as I love tequila, ordering that plain boring drink just wasn’t fun all of the time. Sure the calories are low and it was the best option compared to the sugary, syrup filled alternatives, but when it came to taste it didn’t do it for me. Having a Volley has really changed the game for people who love tequila but also care about what they are putting into their bodies!

13. Where can we find more informa<on on you?
Instagram: @morganic_lifestyle
Tik Tok: @morganic_lifestyle

14. How do I sign up for your help? You can sign up for my program on my website. There you can also send me a direct message or book a free 30-minute consultation call.

15. What are you most proud of/achievements in life?
I’m most proud of the fact that I stuck to my dreams. So many people told me that this industry was saturated, and I should go into something else, but I’ve known for a long time now that fitness is my calling. I’m proud of myself for sticking to it, despite the hardships. I’m proud of myself for launching my own coaching app in 2021 and working hard every day to improve the lives of others. It feels so good to to give back and do what you love for a living!