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Independence Day Grilling: Healthy BBQ Recipes for Your Celebration (and How Volley Tequila Soda Can Elevate Your BBQ!)

Mon, Jul 01, 2024

Fire up the grill and get ready to celebrate America's birthday in style! This Independence Day, impress your guests with delicious and healthy BBQ recipes that are perfect for a backyard bash.

But grilling doesn't have to be all burgers and hot dogs.  We've got some creative and healthy options that will tantalize your taste buds without weighing you down. And to truly elevate your BBQ, we'll also show you how to incorporate Volley Tequila Soda, a refreshing and flavorful hard seltzer made in the USA, into your celebration.

Here are some recipe ideas to get you started:

Grilled Veggie Kabobs: Thread colorful peppers, onions, zucchini, and cherry tomatoes onto skewers and marinate them in a light Italian dressing. Grill until tender-crisp.

Grilled Chicken with Herb Sauce: Marinate boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, fresh herbs like rosemary and thyme, and a pinch of garlic powder. Grill until cooked through.

Grilled Fish Tacos: Marinate your favorite flaky white fish in a citrusy marinade with a kick of Volley Pineapple Jalapeno Tequila Soda. Grill the fish and serve on warm tortillas with a variety of toppings like salsa, avocado, and crumbled queso fresco.

Tip: Don't forget to grill some sliced pineapple alongside your fish tacos! The grilled pineapple adds a touch of sweetness and caramelized goodness that pairs perfectly with the savory fish and Volley Pineapple Jalapeno.

And now, for the drinks!

Volley Tequila Soda comes in a variety of refreshing flavors that are perfect for a summer BBQ. Here are some ideas for incorporating Volley into your celebration:

Classic Volley on the Rocks: Serve Volley Tequila Soda chilled, over ice, with a lime wedge for a simple and satisfying drink.

Volley Cocktail Creations: Get creative and use Volley as a base for delicious cocktails. Try a Volley Paloma with grapefruit soda and a squeeze of lime, or a Volley Margarita with a splash of orange liqueur and a Tajin rim.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Volley Tequila Soda is the perfect way to add a touch of American spirit to your Independence Day BBQ.

So fire up the grill, grab your favorite Volley flavor, and get ready to celebrate America's birthday in style!