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How to "Break the Cycle" with Carly Curtis!

Fri, May 19, 2023

Hey there! I'm Carly and I'm a registered yoga teacher at VYB studio along with being a busy homeschooling mom. Currently, we live in Durham, North Carolina but have lived in multiple states coast to coast from NY to WA and are always up for a new adventure. When I'm not in the studio, you can find me hiking at Little River Park with my kids, exploring the city with some Liturgy coffee or diving into a psychological thriller. (My current favorite is A Flicker in The Dark by Stacy Willingham)


I have not always lived the healthiest lifestyle, but over the last 8 years I've been hungry to learn all that I can learn. People who want to live a healthy lifestyle they need to eat well and move their bodies but there's a disconnect with implementing that into their lives. We tend to come up with goals... but new goals don't deliver results, new lifestyles do. I would fall into this cycle of coming up with a new goal, working hard, then "failing" and the cycle would repeat.  


So how did I break the cycle? 

Intentional living. I started eating with intention. I stopped focusing on protein goals and started focusing on eating real food. Our food labels here in the US are very tricky. A box will say "low carb" or "gluten free" or "all natural" but honestly, that doesn't mean much. I started turning boxes over and reading what was in my "food", quickly realizing that I didn't know what most of it even was! I read the book How To Not Die by Michael Greger and it changed how I eat. I also wanted to add in more greens and found Ellie’s Best nut milk bag so I can make juice in my blender and strain the pulp without spending $500+ on a juicer!


I started moving with intention, not only to lose weight or drop a pant size, but incorporating movement that I truly enjoyed. I started getting active outside of my workout, by taking hikes, going on family walks after dinner, taking my dog on morning walks instead of just letting her out in the yard. 


Now, my workouts are usually yoga or a circuit with dumbbells. I take walks daily, either hiking at a local park, walking with the family after dinner or talking a few laps on our trail through the woods. About 80% of my diet comes from real, farm grown/raised food. One of the things I love most about Volley drinks is they fit in that 80% because they aren't filled with "natural ingredients" like other bubbly seltzers- but real fruit, real tequila, and transparency as to what they stand for. 


Let's connect - 

You can find me on istagram @carly_happening to see some health, wellness and nutritional inspiration along with some crazy mom-life!