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A Simple Life with Avery Schiffman

Wed, Apr 19, 2023
My name is Avery Grace Schiffman - 


I graduated from Washington and Lee University in May of 2022, majoring in cognitive and behavioral science. I am 23 years old and an avid fitness enthusiast, self-care lover, clean eater + drinker but overall big foodie.

I ran Cross Country and Track and Field all year round on my D3 team in college for 4 years. I ran the NYC marathon in November 2022 for the first time. I am interested in pursuing a career in advertising and marketing, as I am currently working at Anomaly in the food & beverage, specifically the alcohol industry. I have my own food, fitness, and lifestyle Instagram account (@simplelifewithaves), and a lifestyle blog with a link that can be found in my Instagram bio. I am super excited to be an ambassador for Volley and a part of the Clean Drinking Movement, as it aligns so well with my personal and professional goals. 

I have been vegan / vegetarian / gluten free / pescatarian on and off ever since I was in middle school. I am passionate about healthy and clean eating in order to fuel my body to reach my goals and fulfill my highest potential. As an all year round athlete, I find that clean eating and drinking is the best way to ensure I can control what I am putting into my body to help fuel me in the best ways. My favorite non-alcoholic go-to beverage is coconut water - it is so refreshing, hydrating, and tasty. I would love to try pairing this with either the lime or grapefruit Volley, I feel like that would be delicious! My second favorite non-alcohol beverage is kombucha. I feel like kombucha would perfectly pair with the Ginger Volley flavor because ginger fits perfectly into that flavor portfolio of the bitter, bubbly taste, fermented tea-flavor, and fermentation process. 

What food would you pair with each of our flavors?

  • I would pair Sharp Grapefruit with a large fruit salad. Grapefruit has always been a refreshing flavor portfolio to me so I think even more refreshing + juicy fruit would pair nicely together.
  • I would pair Zesty Lime with Siete chips (my favorite!) dipped in salsa or guacamole. I absolutely adore Tex Mex / Mexican food, so this would be my go-to favorite combo.
  • I would pair Tropical Mango with a fresh and delicious watermelon, feta,  mint salad. This would be enjoyed well by the pool or on the beach and make for a very refreshing, fruity pairing.
  • I would pair Spicy Ginger with vegetable sushi. I am not sure why, but this combination came so natyurally to me. That sounds delicious- not too heavy, not too filling nor savory, but perfectly satiating. I love veggie sushi, so I would probably order Avocado + veggie rolls with a side of ginger and seaweed salad. 

Some of Avery's favorite things to do in NYC in the Spring, when she's not working or running are:

  • Playing pickle ball or tennis with friends. 
  • Tanning outside in the sun on the rooftop of my apartment.
  • Going on a walk, then taking a break in a park.
  • Picnicking on the west side highway in NYC with a charcuterie board and a Volley to sip on in the sun. 

What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy a beautiful, Spring day?