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Cinco De Mayo Cocktail Recipe

Wed, May 05, 2021

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Volley fam! To celebrate one of our favorite days of the year, we have a special Volley margarita recipe for you to indulge in. 

Mora The Merrier (Volley Margarita) Recipe

What You'll Need:

1oz silver tequila
1⁄2 oz triple sec
1 fresh lime, squeezed for juice
1⁄4 oz agave
4 slices of jalapeño muddled
8 blackberries muddled
1 barspoon of seedless blackberry preserve muddled
Top with 1⁄2 can of Volley Zesty Lime.
Salt rim if desired


Muddle 8 blackberries, 4 slices of jalapeño and 1 barspoon of blackberry. Preserve in a small tin. Add 1⁄4 oz agave, 1oz Silver tequila, 1⁄2 oz triple sec and fresh squeezed lime juice. Shake vigorously and strain into an ice-filled glass over a half can of Zesty Lime Volley.