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A Seltzer With Global Ingredients!

Wed, Aug 17, 2022

Each can of Volley has just three simple ingredients; organic juice, sparkling water and 100% blue agave tequila… but we already knew that! What you may not know is where around the globe each of our four flavors come from!

With four unique flavors, we source our ingredients from all over the world! Our sharp grapefruit flavor comes from Rio Grande, Texas. Fun Fact: The state fruit of Texas is the Red grapefruit! Why you might ask? In the 1800’s, the first ever Red Ruby grapefruit seed was planted in the Lone Star State.

So what makes the Ruby Red grapefruit so special? This grapefruit variety is known for its deep flavor and sweetness. The strong pigmented color of the fruit has better health benefits and counteracts the bitterness of grapefruit with a bit of sweetness.

Next up, we have our Zesty Lime flavor which comes from Colima, Mexico. Some of the world's best limes are grown in Colima, a small state on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. The Colima Lime is known for being small and tart with a crisp, subtle sweetness. Lime has historically been a popular flavor to mix with tequila, and Volley has made sure to bring you the best limes we could find!

Mexico is currently one of the world’s largest exporters of mangoes with 14% of those mangoes coming from Sinaloa, Mexico. This is where we source our flavorful mangoes from! Peak consumption of mangoes is in the summertime due to the humid climate, and the growing season in Sinaloa lasts anywhere from 3-5 months long.


Last but not least, ginger! Coming straight from the underground of Junín, Peru, we source our ginger from a regenerative family farm. Ginger has an impressive flavoring ability, but also provides vitamins and strong health benefits. Traditionally ginger root was even used for medicinal purposes. This vegetable is grown in three different parts of the world including Fiji, China and Peru. We chose to go with Peruvian ginger because it’s more vibrant in color and with a more intense taste then the rest.

Keeping to our brand mission, we hope to educate consumers about our ingredients and believe in full transparency. Volley is dedicated to sourcing the best quality ingredients for our seltzers, and believe we have done just that. What do you think the next Volley flavor should be?